A 6-week Online Program
with Dipika Delmenico, Ayurvedic Expert, Anthroposophic Naturopath, Mentor, #1 Best Selling Author.
Starting Jan 27, 2023 (Jan 26 USA/Europe)
Discover the power of Ayurvedic healing wisdom and human centered medicine to create radiant health, vibrant clarity and presence in all phases of womanhood.

You are a wondrous and wise woman living in unchartered times of change and upheaval. Your being is the way forward into the new.

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The Opportunity
Your natural inner calling is to embody, understand and nurture the magnificent vital energy living inside of you so you can live with illuminosity in all seasons of your womanhood from young woman to wise elder.

It is essential to live your entire life with certainty, clarity, and sovereignty.

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The Challenge
But, how can you when  you feel fatigued, stressed, overwhelmed, unfulfilled and in chronic pain?

You are constantly adapting with the current of rapid and unprecedented changes, learning how to thrive in the new normal.

You may be afraid of changing with life and all it’s transitions. Fearful of being unwell and not enough. Fearful of menopause and aging. There is procrastination, binding, and you are stuck in lack, overthinking your life.

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The Cause
Well dear one, that’s because, simply, you are not in alignment with yourself and your essential nature. You could be out of physical balance. Your hormones and metabolic processes are likely out of rhythm and you may not even know it.

Inwardly, you may be fragmented by the constant demands of modern, destabilized living, because, the truth is, life is really full on.

Your creative juices are not being nourished and aspects of your inner landscape are drying up.

You have become disconnected from yourself, your greatness and the full feminine essence of being a woman.

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The Good News
This is NOT your fault. There is no judgement, criticism or blame here. It’s simply what it is.
If you are yearning for:
  • Robust whole health, vital, clarity of mind, courageous, opulent and deeply nourished.
  • To age with beauty,  gratitude and loving presence.
  • To feel connected to yourself, others, community, nature and life itself.
  • Equanimity. Calm, steady, grounded being.
  • Boundless energy, joy and enthusiasm.
  • Good memory and cognitive longevity.
  • To be creative, juicy and flowing in hormonal health ALL of life.
  • Wellness and ease in your fertility thoughout your menstrual years, perimenopause, menopause and beyond.
  • To live as a woman of wisdom and grace.
  • To live as a healing presence here and now.
"When you embody your divine nature you remember all the parts of yourself that you forgot. This is your radiance."
What YOU Can Do
I’ll show you the ways of The Radiant Woman and how to Re-member that you are whole and complete by grand design.  You’ll understand and live into the healing gesture of your own innate rhythms. A vibrant woman of loving living presence.

It’s powerful and it’s your nature.

Rather than regretting or grieving you’ll gratefully acknowledge and celebrate your life transitions. You can know and love the throb and sound of your womanhood, traversing  the grand journey of your life.

You’ll experience life's challenges and bodily changes as precious opportunities to grow and evolve.

The Time is NOW
By following these three keys along with the practical tools I’ll be giving you, you’ll be able to create and sustain hormonal health in menopause and beyond for a celebratory, joy filled vital life.
This is the embodied alchemy of you as
radiant woman.

Knowledge is Power and Peace
We are not educated to revere the essence of menstruation, menopause and all that it represents in the second half of your life, your wise woman years.

We are not taught to create what we love and to live our great sovereign nature.

We are not taught how to understand what is inwardly, spiritually, occurring with the transitions of a woman’s cycles and the vulnerability of change that it brings.

We are not taught how to navigate these unchartered inner  landscapes and use your inner compass to nourish and guide you.

When you remember, you realign with your natural rhythms. You bring integrity back to your inner structure and all the aspects that make you the unique woman you are.

You can hear the very sound of your radiance.

The Solution
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This is why I originally created The Radiant Woman. To understand and live the simple ancient codes to celebrate, embrace, embody all the cycles, transitions and richness of all you are.

NOW, it’s time to stop buying the loud, compelling messages, that are material, manipulative, chaotic, sucking you dry and compounding fear and overwhelm.

You have met and practiced your deep inner knowing.

You are creating a life of being not overthinking.

Cultivating your loving presence and igniting your power.

A Promise
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My promise to you, is to guide YOU in the ways of The Radiant Woman, so that you will have the practical knowledge, understanding, experience and tools to navigate the 7 essential life processes and major thresholds of your life as a woman of wisdom.

You will live each phase of your life with grace, beauty, opulence and ease.

At the end of this course, you’ll embody your womanhood and being. You’ll experience nourishment, renewed vitality, loving presence.

You will be a life long Radiant Woman.

Dipika Delmenico is an Ayurvedic expert, Anthroposophic Naturopath, Heart centred leadership Mentor and Author.

She’s all about women creating wildly meaningful lives of wonder, greatness and vibrancy. For more than 25 years she’s worked with thousands of clients globally with Ayurveda, resonance and human centred medicine. She’s the founder of Conscious Woman Rising and Leading in Love,  heart centred leadership programs.

Dipika’s the Best selling author of The Ayurvedic Woman. She integrates and bridges physical and spiritual sciences for embodied healing potential.

Dipika advocates Living in Grace and Leading in Love.

6-Week Course Session Dates:
  Fri Jan 27 (12:00 PM AEDT)
Fri Feb 3 (9:00 am AEDT)
Fri Feb 10 (9:00 am AEDT)
Fri Feb 17 (9:00 am AEDT)
Fri Feb 24 (9:00 am AEDT)
Fri Mar 3 (9:00 am AEDT)
Hear from these Radiant Women
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Jana G,  Czech rep.

“The value of this course was Superb, the life saver. I’m now able
to do less and be more”.
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Marie Pienne, Victoria, Australia

“This course is far superior to others in practical, achievable ways of being. I felt Dipika was really talking to ME and no-one has done this in quite the same way before. Dipika’s teaching style is awesome, personal and present. She walks the talk and it inspires me to.  I’m now kinder to myself. This course made me take a good look at myself as I heard Dipika’s wise words at a deeper level. I’ve now  stopped struggling."
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Ky Millar,  Lorne, Victoria

"This course is excellent value because it is authentic and real - it's much better than any wellness course I have participated in because it speaks the truth. Dipika's warmth, guidance, insights, smile, laugh and radiant presence makes the course! Dipika's teachings have had a profound effect on me. She inspires me to live my truth and to look after my heart. Something the whole world should learn to do."
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Debra Poneman, Bestselling author,
Founder and CEO of Yes to Success, Inc. 

Through her Radiant Woman Course Dipika takes your hand and guides you on a journey where the destination is vibrant health, profound creativity and clarity of mind,  balanced emotions, and deep self-love and inner silence.  The indisputable healthy, radiant, peaceful glow that Dipika exudes is proof enough that what she teaches really works.  I am continually inspired by Dipika and her knowledge of how we can live the second half of our lives with dynamic grace and ease.
Here's What You Will Learn
 Digestion of Life: Understand how to cultivate your vital life energy

In this first week, you will learn how to digest and transform everything you take in so it becomes a substance of vital life energy. This is how you integrate and understand your life. 

You will discover:

  • Your composition and nature from the holistic perspective of Ayurveda and Anthroposophical human centred medicine.
  • Agni, the fire of digestion,  how it relates to all aspects of health and wellbeing from the visible to invisible - Physical, Mental and Spiritl bodies.
  • Practical Sonic power tools for strong mental digestive fire.
  • Effective tools and practices for your ongoing, robust digestion of life.
  • How to solve up to 80% of health challenges bolstering digestion and transforming your life.
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  Cycles and Rhythms: Creating Hormonal and Metabolic Health

In this second session, we explore the link between nature’s cycles, biological rhythms, healthy hormones and metabolic processes as the crucial key to your vitality.

You will discover: 

  • Your cyclic nature and rhythms that influence all aspects of your health and give you understanding of yourself and life.
  • The rhythmic seasons of Woman’s life and Women’s sacred rhythm of menstrual cycles.
  • Daily practices to establish healthy metabolic processes and hormonal health.
  • How to have refreshing sleep.
  • Sound meditation practices to establish your resonance and biological rhythm.
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Clearing the Path: Cleansing for deep connection to Self

In this session we’ll answer the question: why do we cleanse? Ancients have cleansed to get closer to their innate, divine source since the beginning of time. We cleanse to relieve ourselves of the burden of residual accumulation acquired in living. We allow the body to release, recalibrate, reconnect and remember. Clearing the inner pathways brings clarity of being, restoration and renewal of life energy.

Cleansing refines all aspects of your being. It fine tunes us so that we can feel the resonance of our inner sound, more clearly. It cultivates listening, awareness and expands our consciousness.

In this module, you'll learn:

  • Why we cleanse and why it’s so important for our entire being and our vitality.
  • How cleansing realigns and reconnects us to our heart, our truth, our higher intelligence and those around us.
  • How cleansing removes fatigue and burden. The bestowing of clarity, purpose, focus and ease.
  • Practical, simple tools for supporting your cleansing process.
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 Deep Nourishment: Feeding Your Core Nature

In session 4  we explore both nourishment and how we nourish ourselves. We look at the substance and source of nourishment. Exploring it’s fundamental purpose as you mature and evolve as a woman. 

You will discover:
  • What is nourishment and how to best nourish you tissues, organs, mind, cycles and spirit?
  • The importance of and how to nourish uterine health, the seat of a woman’s creativity.
  • The phases of a woman’s life, reproductive health and how life forces change and transform at menopause for refined inner growth and purpose.
  • The essence and composition of nourishment.
  • How to cultivate and maintain healthy warmth and right relationship in the organism.
  • Tools to cultivate daily practices for true nourishment.
  • Tools to cultivate and maintain the Apex C that is the framework for connectedness to yourself -- Circuitry, Compassion and Communication.
  • The role of Sympathetic/Parasympathetic nervous system and how the Apex C keeps you in a constant state of flow and ease.
  • How to live authentically utilising the right fuel for lightness of being versus perpetual state of stress, anxiety and depletion.
  • The Gunas. We explore the qualities of all things in nature and your mind from an Ayurvedic psychological perspective.
  • Effective Ancient coded tools to develop more sattvic resonance and clear mental qualities.
  • Sound based practices to support the quality of mind.
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 Conscious Growth and Maturation: Blossoming into Your Radiant Greatness

In this session we look at your  Now and “Where To” from here. You have matured and blossomed, but now what do you become with this new inner spaciousness and resonance you are experiencing?

We will explore:

  • Your authentic creative expression. How to give expression to who you are, what your heart calls for, what kindles the flame of your passion and keeps it burning bright.
  • Your Heart song. How to dream your dream and realise it, bringing it to being.
  •  Key tools to support your maturation and growth that you can sustain and maintain this in an aligned, integral, purposeful way.
  • Ways to cultivate being a vibrant healing presence for yourself and others.
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 Your Legacy: Sharing the Seeds of Your Gifts

In this final week we look at what your contribution is. What harvest are you bringing to the table of life? What is your impact, legacy and how do you spread the seeds of your service? 

In this final session you’ll discover:

  • A powerful reflective contemplation and meditation on unveiling and creating your vision.
  • Specific tools and approaches to know and value your contribution. 
  • How to embody your radiance, acknowledge your contribution and impact.
  • How to be steadfast as you spread the seeds of your service in the world.
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        What Are The LIVE Weekly Session Dates
        and Times?

         ✔ Friday,  Jan 27 (12:00 PM AEDT)
        Friday, Feb 3 (9:00 am AEDT)
        Friday, Feb 10 (9:00 am AEDT)
        Friday, Feb 17 (9:00 am AEDT)
        Friday, Feb 24 (9:00 am AEDT)
        Friday, Mar 3 (9:00 am AEDT)

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        What If I Can't Attend A Live Session?

        You are encouraged to participate in all live call sessions as they are
        highly interactive. The live sessions will be recorded and sent out each week, so you’ll be able to catch up if you miss a session.

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